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Shandong Austria Huan Chemical Co. Ltd.

        Shandong Austria Huan Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in chemical trade comprehensive enterprise founded in May 1997,Company is located in Shandong City, Zibo province Huantai County,Covering an area of more than 1500 square meters,And equipped with hazardous chemicals storage and hazardous chemicals transport vehicles,Superior office environment.

       The company's business scope includes 3, 5, 6, 8 kinds of dangerous chemicals, all kinds of chemical reagents, glass instruments, precision analysis instruments, etc.The products are widely used in papermaking, medicine, pesticide, chlor alkali, oil refining, polyether, wine, water treatment, glass manufacturing, industrial cleaning, daily cleaning products, food processing, and many other industries.......

Sodium thiosulfate
Light soda ash
Grain base
Sodium pyrophosphate industrial grade
Food grade caustic soda
New glycol




    Address:Zibo city, shandong province zhang north road no. 4111

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